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From our employees and local community to our customers and suppliers around the world we take care to ensure we operate an ethically aware and responsible business.  

We are mindful that every business has an impact on the environment; we do what we can to make ours a small one. From reusing boxes and packaging, using email instead of paper, sorting and recycling to reduce waste to landfill, filtering waste water and working to minimise our electricity consumption, we do our bit. We are currently working towards achieving ISO14001 certification. Full details of our environmental management system are available upon request. Read our environmental policy here.

Most of the products we sell also meet the Oeko-Tex Confidence in Textiles Standard 100. This means that testing for harmful substances is carried out during manufacture of the textiles. Exceeding national legislation requirements this includes testing for:

·       illegal substances

·       legally regulated substances

·       known harmful (but not legally regulated) chemicals

·       as well as parameters for health care




We supply a wide range of promotional products made from sustainable, organic, solar powered, recycled, recyclable and biodegradable materials including pens, bags, keyrings, rulers and notepads.

We source clothing from a wide range of suppliers and brands with manufacturing facilities all over the world. We do our best to make sure that all our suppliers are WRAP certified and follow the 12 WRAP Principles for responsible production.

We carry out all our garment printing and embroidery at our factory in Bangor, Northern Ireland. View our live webcams here.


We sell a selection of clothing manufactured using certified Fair Trade or organic cotton. Strictly speaking only the cotton used in the manufacturing process can be certified as Fair Trade or organic.

You can find further information on how the Fair Trade organisation classifies clothing and tips on procurement here.




Our local community means a lot to us and we want our impact to be a positive one. We employ over 30 staff (and growing) and we work to create a happy work environment providing on-going training and development. We also help the community by working to actively support a number of local charities and organisations each year.

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