Leading the way in Sustainable Products

We’re continually working to improve all aspects of our environmental and social responsibility, minimising the impacts of our operations on the planet and at the same time optimising the benefits of what we do for our people and the people we work with. It’s why we’re recognised as the schoolwear supplier that’s leading the way in sustainability.

Ethical Sourcing

We’re confident we’ve developed the most sustainable and ethical supply chain in our industry, backed up by strong independent accreditations. This aligns with our commitment to improving the working conditions in global supply chains.

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Reducing Environmental Impact

In our business, the planet is a key stakeholder, just like the children who wear our schoolwear and the communities we serve. This means we embrace our responsibility to put back into nature what we take out of it, striving to minimise the environmental impact of our operations in every way we can.

The environment is a huge part of our sustainability strategy. And while we’ve achieved a lot so far, we intend to go bigger, better and bolder with our environmental commitments, investing in projects that reduce our carbon emissions and reduce or eliminate any detrimental impact on biodiversity.

Community & Charity

We’re setting new standards for supporting the communities we work in around the globe. A number of our supplier factories have implemented community support programmes focused on doing good in the localities where they’re based, such as providing safe drinking water and essential basic necessities that directly benefit their workers and families in a tangible way.

Our Sustainability Policy
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